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The Best Group Fitness and Pilates on the Planet.

RFT Group Fitness Classes

Just show up! It’s that simple! Weekday mornings (5am,6am, 8:30am) and evenings on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:20pm — in a one hour session with a focused workout that is the same – at every class (that day). The next day, a different focus with a NEW workout that you have not seen in months!

We have originated, refined and tested 100+ of our own proprietary workouts and in most cases…executed the workout more than a dozen times with hundreds of fit freaks.  We then debrief and reflect as a team how the workout went, then refine and improve the experience for the next time we do that workout.  Every time we tweak it just a bit.  It gets better and better!  As a client, you will not do these workouts anywhere else.   And all coaches have the ability to be creative with the execution of the workout!     Boredom doesn’t exist!  Muscle confusion, varying intensity, varying music…All shapes and sizes and fitness levels.  Feel free to come by our front desk and ask to see the process of how we construct and improve our workouts.  We take pride in offering the best workouts on the planet.  You will not see our ‘fitness art’ anywhere except at Raw Fit!

What should you expect at your first class?

When you show up you will be part of a purposeful yet informal dynamic stretch and warm up.  We always warm up! Then, at the beginning of every class a seasoned Coach will methodically demonstrate  the exercises of the day with your group.  They will show you the safe and effective way to do the movements, modifications and then options to make the movement even more challenging.  They will give you tips as to how the class will flow.  The Coach will be there to navigate you throughout the entire class! Our Coaches are accessible for any questions.  They love to give high fives.  They’ve instructed thousands of athletes of all shapes and sizes.  Seasoned pros!  However, we exist to serve our clients and it happens to be the community that we serve that has allowed for us to grow as coaches!  As a group of fit freaks, we even take great pride at cleaning the equipment used at the end of every workout!   There will be our amazing clients working out next to you, and others trying us out.  You will feel welcome.  Likely, a Raw Fit Freak veteran in the class will be cheering for you and helping you along if you need it!

PRICING AND HOW TO SIGN UP:   Text us at (916)619-0475 to learn more!  Simply ask, ‘How do I become a FitFreak?’   We’ll hook you up!

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What kind of workout should you expect?

Admittedly, the class structure is (purposely) simple and with few ‘gimmicks’ or fad exercises. Guided by our Coaches, our members rotate through stations to execute high intensity interval training, balance, natural movement, strength training, cardio endurance or speed work. There are clear signs at every station that help keep everyone on track. In every workout there are modified versions of the movement and ways to make the exercise harder. We explain all movements and proper technique before we get started and often during the workout. We are there to help when needed!

Often we use natural, simple, functional objects (Rocks, Sand bags, buckets, ect.) instead of traditional gym equipment. After all, we are in Loomis!

Ever see a perfectly straight metal bar in nature? We haven’t either! While we use Barbells on occasion, we might also use logs! Or, we will use dumbbells but then we will bring in these green devil thingies to change it up! We are NOT a Crossfit box. They are great at what they do. It’s just not us. You will find some of our members ‘getting after it,’ while others are beginning their fitness journey or just looking to get the blood flowing. We love both types of members.

We keep it simple and easy and each member can decide how intense they wish to make their workout that day! A typical week of workouts would have a heavy emphasis on a specific theme. As an example, a week of workouts might emphasize:  Monday- Cardio, Tuesday-Abs, Wednesday-Legs, Thursday-Upper Body and Friday-Upper Body. Our typical client will make about two or three classes a week. We have some members that work up to coming every morning. We think they are kinda crazy. We call them Fit Freaks for a reason. Clients are all shapes and sizes, both men and women who happen to get in best shape of their lives within 3-6 months. We have some members that maintain a healthy weight and muscle mass and others that have lost tons of weight and gained muscle at a healthy and steady rate. We don’t flaunt too many of them on social media, but when you try us out, ask a member next to you about their fitness journey. Our community is willing to tell their story and we are happy we are in it.

Just give us your highest and best effort and we will guide you through it!

We can help you determine if these classes are a great fit! TEXT US DIRECTLY NOW at (916) 619-0475 or email Membership@RawFitTraining.com to learn more and try a class for free, or learn more about our personal one on one training.

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