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Raw Fit is made up of a wide variety of people that include: moms, dads, people looking to make a change in their lives.

Commitment to Your Cause.

Everyone who comes to Rawfit is committed to their goals of becoming a better version of themselves. Rawfit customers consist of serious and non-serious athletes and those just looking to maintain balance in their lives, control stress and ultimately feel better about themselves. Regardless of the reason that we all come to train, we do have some very important things in common.

Be Bold.

RawFit customers are also willing to put themselves out there, regardless of their fitness level.

Put Fear Aside.

These people have made a decision that how they look or feel about themselves isn’t going to stop them from making improvements. Stress, fear and comparison to others if given enough nurturing by negative thoughts will grow. Finding a place to lose yourself in effort is a documented, unquestionable and effective way to manage your stress.

By stepping into RawFit, we will help you take the first steps and sharpen your mind and body. We have three primary training categories at Rawfit. Click on any of the links below to read more.


There are many ways to get in shape. Choose your path below.


6 Week Challenge

6 Week Challenge (Free)

Interested in being healthy, feeling better, getting stronger? Look no further. We have a great opportunity for those of any age or level of fitness. Find out more about our 6 Week Challenge by clicking the link below. You will not be disappointed!

>> 6 Week Challenge

Athletic Team Training

Football, soccer, baseball, wrestling, lacrosse; .these are some of the sports we embrace and provide training for. Regardless of the sport, it is imperative that the kids are able to match up with their opponents with quickness, speed and power. In doing so we can equal(or even tilt) the playing field in our favor. And while RawFit does offer sports specific training, we believe that a well-rounded strength and condition program that breaks athletes outside of their comfort zone is critical to developing the ‘whole’ athlete. Stop by or give us a call if you have any questions!

>> Team Trainning

Group Fitness

It’s typically easier to work out with others. Having someone next to you who is feeling the same thing that you are and pushing through it naturally ignites our competitive instincts and typically has people pushing themselves a little harder than they would alone. Working out with others can also create friendships. At RawFit we are no different. We offer early morning classes for those that want to get their workout in early so they can leave the whole day to themselves. Working out early has many benefits but it also helps people get more done during the day. Stop by RawFit and feel this energy. The workouts aren’t easy but they are tailored for varying levels of fitness and you can go at your own pace. Give us a shot. You’ll enjoy the energy!

>> Group Fitness

Personal Training

Some of you are simply more comfortable with one-on-one instruction. Maybe because your goals are more specific or your work better in small groups or you have very specific conditioning needs to take your fitness or sport to the next level. Whatever the reason, our Personal Training will provide you with a custom tailored solution for you to achieve your goals in both diet and exercise. We’ll create a road map for both your food intake and take your fitness to a new level. We’re not here to pamper you but we will take care of you. Our success will be based on having you achieve your goals. Ready to take things to a new level?

>> Personal Trainning