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A Brief History. What We Do and Why We Do It

6 Week Fit Freak Challenge – Group Fitness – Personal Training – Athletic Team Training.  Nutrition Guidance.  Legit.

We are like-minded fitness freaks that are centered by strong family values and a healthy lifestyle and a desire to always be better. We have a simplified group fitness solution as our core offering – JUST SHOW UP! We are not your traditional gym. Yes, Our Group Fitness Rocks. Our Personal One on One Training is life changing. Our 6 Week Challenge is like no other.   References Available…. All you need to do is Show Up and Ask the fit freak next to you! All Shapes, Sizes, Ages, Fitness Levels and Reasons for making a life change.

Kids are important to us. Dads, Moms, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents. We all need and crave active movement… and more of it. We spend our lives SERVING our own respective tribes; we spend way too little time making sure that as the tribe leader we  take care of  ourself! That is, with out balance and stress management and growth as the tribe leader, the tribe suffers as a result. We help Tribe Leaders! Often times, its MOM and Dad!

We, as your Coaches, have trained (cumulatively) hundreds of group sessions and coached thousands of people. We feed off our Clients’ energy and journey, wherever that may start for a client – regardless of a Client’s fitness level. We are in the business of helping people.

We have been a part of many success stories and that drives us to be better at what we do with our ‘continuous improvement’ approach. When a client reaches their fitness and nutrition goals — we beam! And that milestone is often the beginning of our journey with you! We honestly think we are making a positive difference in a person’s life when a client gives us the opportunity to coach them. We think when a client dedicates themselves to healthy lifestyle, we see a lot of good things happen in many facets of that Client’s life. We are making a difference in our community. We also think that our community is under served in this capacity and this is the basis of why we work where we work. We want our place to be a hub for change. There is no other place for miles around us — that can provide this type of comprehensive experience that is based on natural movement, high intensity interval training AND the real outdoors.
We really DON’T LOVE movement on our flat-ground gym or strict use of straight bars to lift or hang on (how many straight bars do you see in nature?), so we use basic tools to disrupt that unnatural setting. We use objects to balance on objects to lift like a rock, log or sandbag. We bring in natural movements and time-tested basic exercises. No Gimmicks.
We are NOT a cross fit box or a military based boot camp style of a workout. Yet, our mentor, Joe Decker (The Worlds Fittest Man in The Guinness Book of World Records), once said  ‘If the various military branches are training their troops by way of burpees, push ups, sit ups, pull ups and simple timed runs for various distances, occasionally with added weight – why complicate things for the sake of creating a gimmick? Just keep it simple and fun!’ In keeping with Joe’s tutelage, we try to remember to keep it simple. We don’t yell at our clients. It doesn’t feel like a military exercise in our classes, but we honor the tradition of real time-tested movements supplemented with mobility, strength, endurance and even a few yoga elements. We love empowering athletes to challenge themselves!
We have designed over 100+ proprietary workouts that our clients will see again the same workout for up to three months — it’s muscle confusion and a different mental journey every day! The design of our workouts are both inspired by great mentors and  from our Coaches playing collegiate or professional level sports. Or, from competing in events/races ranging from the Boston Marathon, The Suck, Tough Mudder, Spartan, or The Death Race. Oh, and events from this crazy organization called the Endurance Society!  We challenge anyone to attend one class daily for five days and tell us they didn’t get the BEST workout week anywhere! No, Really!

Workout gimmicks, fads and processed foods will never replace natural movement, traditional balanced exercise (mixed with intensity and recovery), and a crap load of H20. Real Food always wins. We ask our clients for their highest and best effort. When our clients surround themselves with others that are in the same ‘season of change,’ we find that doing it as a community and in a group setting – Our Group Fit classes are the best approach. Or, for achieving very specific goals and laser-beam focus on the journey, our one-on-one Personal Training is the solution. Often, it just takes a quick conversation to identify the best solution for you!

A Bit More Of How We Started:

OK, really, there’s more.  Back in 2013 we were running on trails and playing in parks.  Friends gathered together and ran up and down Auburn’s Stagecoach Trail and carried heavy stuff, for fun.  Soon we started formalizing the workouts to train for obstacle courses and endurance races and learned how to hold a proper training session by a few experts in the field from various backgrounds.  We established our free boot camp at Loomis Community Park South. AS we were working out, folks observed us as they walked their dogs.  They would stop and stare at us, sometimes shaking their head.  Then there was Alan.  As he participated in another fitness boot camp at the same park, as our group across the park did crazy stuff (with laughter) — he was intrigued.   He reached out to us and joined our boot camp soon after.   A year before we met him he could down 20 big macs over a weekend.  He had won Auburn’s Biggest Loser Contest just months before after deciding big macs might not be the way to go.  Training aside us, he went on to complete several Spartan races, Tough Mudders and crazy twelve hour races, as well as many other adventures.   He ended up one time as a Top Finisher at a Spartan race.  Within months, he shaved two minutes off his timed mile at the age of ‘50 something.’ A few years later he had a quilt made up of all his T-shirts from all his races.  Likely, the glory of it all faded but it remains that he made a life change that still resonates in many other facets of his life. We met him while he was in his season of personal change and HE recognized he wanted to share it with others.  He became the spark for us.  We learned that if we met more strangers like him we might be able to help more people.   We realized we were guiding a man who trusted us and it was his effort and not ours that made the life changing difference for him.  He was in charge of his own journey. We became trusted tour guides. As such, we would need to provide the best workouts available with few gimmicks and  great variation, to keep the journey alive for more people. This is why we do what we do.

It is in the spirit of this Alan’s journey, we invite you to give us an opportunity to help you reach your highest and best with us, at our place. If you are not working out, come see us.  If you are working out and you are not hitting your goals or feel bored as hell, come see us.  If you have big ideas for change, the good news is we all start by walking through our door, as a stranger.  The transition is quick.  Before you know it, we call you our Teammate.

Our proprietary blend of natural movements combined with smiles is the best group fitness and personal training on the planet, at any given price!  (Yes, we stole this tag line and made it ours from one coach memorizing the words on a Budweiser can in college.)

Email Membership@RawFitTraining.com to try a CLASS FREE or a FREE personal training session to assess how we can help! Or, Just text us at (916)619-0475.  No excuses.

Here’s to great journeys.  It Starts Now.

Group Fitness for Mom and Dad

There are no other workouts (a.k.a ‘Events’) anywhere designed exactly like ours — we know because we created them! Over 100+ Events for our fit freaks! It’s a unique fitness experience. It allows us for creativity and to keep it fun! Think muscle confusion, varying intensity, strength, speed, agility, balance, endurance, mobility, core work and varying music. ​It’s at your own pace. All shapes, sizes and fitness levels welcome. We see old and new faces every day! From to New Moms. 100+ Fit Freaks Served Daily before 9:30am, more than any other group fit solution in Lincoln, Loomis and Auburn combined!

Personal One-on-One Training, Small Groups and Nutrition Guidance

We Specialize in working with:

  • Moms that realize they CAN get in the best shape of their life – with a plan
  • Athletes that graduated from physical therapy and wish to continue active movement
  • Crazy fit freaks becoming better professional athletes
  • Home Schooled Students (Approved Vendor), Advanced Youth Athletes, P.E. or Other Unique Scenarios

Sometime it’s about a transition. Sometimes it’s about results. Sometimes it’s both. Within minutes we can decide together how we can serve a client or small group!
As a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition we can assess and evaluate your current nutrition strategy! We have amazing resources, from meal planning, meal prep, meal delivery and healthy eating and nutrition strategies!

Team and Youth Club Agility Training, School Events, Obstacle Courses and Crazy Events

Many of our Raw Fit Coaches are have been (or are currently) Coaches at Del Oro High School, Placer United, Loomis Youth Soccer Club and William Jessup University. Our Coaches have been sponsored athletes or played professionally a sport, competed in dozens events like Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, The Death Race (72 hrs), The Suck (12 hrs), The Boston Marathon and trail races. If you really care, know we also participate in events and are members with The Endurance Society and just completed a 36 hour race in Vermont (2018).  There.  We said it.  And that’s all we can say.

We’ve learned a lot from these experiences!


We raise awareness for things we are passionate about. We help humans. We would be honored to serve you! From Group Fitness, Personal Training or helping with the youth of our community, please let us know how we can help! Reach us at Membership@RawFitTraining.com to begin a conversation!



Our Balanced Fitness Ingredients – Our Core Recipe!

Cardiovascular Endurance


Muscular Endurance


Muscular Strength




Body Composition


Why RawFit Should be Your Gym

  • Great community

  • Family focused

  • Reducing stress

  • Physical fitness

  • Empower people to achieve

  • Teach you to believe

  • We value wellness

  • We prioritize mental health

  • We promote happiness

  • Kid friendly

  • Development of team sports

  • Inspire people of all ages

Find out more about our 6 Week Challenge!


Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achive your fitness goals